Stand Out From The Crowd

Cain Valles/ March 9, 2017/ Career Planning

A well written cover letter will make you stand out from the crowd. While most positions in online job sites provide you with an opportunity to include a resume with a cover letter in your application, most don’t, so when you get the opportunity, make sure you use it to your advantage. Your cover letter should be the perfect tool,

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A Community Service Provider

Cain Valles/ November 8, 2016/ Career Planning

Have you heard of community service providers in your surrounding in the suburbs and the metro areas, but don’t know what they provide with? It is very common not to know and the chances you need them is unlikely, unless you are disadvantages group of an existing community. You never know, you might fall into a disadvantaged category in the

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What You Need To Write A Killer Resume

Cain Valles/ September 14, 2016/ Career Planning

If you are looking to apply for jobs, then you first need to have a killer resume which will be sure to put you on their shortlist. This is the key to getting yourself noticed. No matter what your skills and experience may be, you can still be overlooked if your resume does not make an impact. There are several

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Being An Entrepreneur – Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Cain Valles/ July 19, 2016/ Career Planning

Entrepreneurs have a tendency to consider themselves an invincible. Although you might be running your own company, it does not mean that you will not lose money on the long-run. Since you are new to the business field, you will definitely make a few mistakes that you will regret. These mistakes can not only lead to severe financial consequences, but

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How To Locate And Apply For Your Ideal Job?

Cain Valles/ July 14, 2016/ Career Planning

In this day and age, a steady income is one of the top priorities of each and every individual. An income that one can depend on is what facilitates the many other needs of a person, including basic needs such as water, food, and shelter. Satisfying other wants and needs too, requires an income. This means that each individual must

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Making Money Outside Of Your Full Time Job

Cain Valles/ June 22, 2016/ Career Planning

There is no doubt that your monthly wages barely cover the cost of your basic living expenses and therefore like many young people today, it is important that you step outside the box and look for alternative ways of earning money. If you look hard enough, you will see that there are hundreds of ways to earn money outside your

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