Cain Valles/ January 30, 2017/ Education & Learning

French is a widely used language around the world. It is the sixth most widely spoken language and is the language that is most widely learned after English. It is taught all over the world. It can be considered a world language. Knowing how to communicate in French will be a huge advantage for you if you’re looking for international careers. The multitude of opportunities you have for education and career are vast. It will be an asset to you in various fields such as arts, fashion, science etc. France also has the world’s fifth largest economy so there will be many prospects for your future. You will be able to secure a job in any French speaking part of the world such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada etc.

There are many opportunities for you to study French such as French language classes and online courses that you can engage in anytime. Not only will you be learning a useful language, it will be a stepping stone for you when you go on to learn other languages such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish etc. These languages use similar roots so your knowledge of French will serve useful when you’re visiting these European countries.

To learn French is to learn the language of culture. It is considered the international language when it comes to cooking, visual art, architecture, dance, theatre and fashion. You will be able to read celebrated literal work in their original language not to mention the great works in Film, Science and Music. France is a top tourist attraction and a staggering number of tourists visit the country each year. Having knowledge of French will make the journey much more convenient and enjoyable. You will be able to navigate through the country easily and be able to communicate with the natives. It will become handy in many of the French speaking countries as well such as Switzerland, Africa, Canada, Seychelles etc. Browse this website if you are looking for french teacher training.

Your knowledge of French will be highly beneficial for you if you’re pursuing higher education in France. There are world renowned institutions for education in France and if you’re proficient in the French language, it will serve as a qualification when it comes to eligibility. It is a language highly used in international relations and if you’re a student who is interested in that field, your grasp of the language can be very advantageous. Some of the international organizations that use French as one of their official languages are United Nations, UNESCO, the European Union, the International Red Cross and international courts.

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