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How important a kid is to its parents are feelings that can never be fully expressed in terms of words, written or oral. The feeling of spending time with kids is so special to almost every parent. But are we, as parents, spending enough time with our kids? We see many parents who are unaware of the toll their addiction to electronic devices is taking on their kids. Ignorance in any form is very harmful to a kid’s way of thinking and can cause dire consequences.

Relieves them
When you spend time with your kids, you are giving them a sense of security and relief that they wouldn’t even realize was lacking. They are able to be more confident and thus be willing to take on any challenge that comes past their way. In fact, when a parent spends more time with a child, the child is seen to be more progressive and cheerful in nature. There is a striking difference between a child who has the guidance, love and support from his or her parents and those who don’t.

Educates them
By spending time with them, you can educate them. You can educate them in matters related to school, basic general knowledge and most importantly how to behave in society. Children are able to watch you and how you interact with society and also heed to your advices on how to live and behave, if you spend time with him or her. From giving them, best essay help online chat to homework assist, as a parent we have to always be there to assist them understand life and its ways and always keep them educated.

Helps them reach goals
Did you know a research suggests that kids with attentive parents were more likely to achieve their goals from their younger ages than those who didn’t? Such kids had high self esteem and self confidence. Spend your quality time with them. Give them assignment help, let them experiment and let them learn from their mistakes. But always make sure to give the right guidance to avoid any major mishaps in life. Talk to them about their goals, where they are now and what they want to be in another 20years. Give them the guidance every step of the way, to assist them keep going!

Keeps them happy
With your spending time with them, they tend to become naturally happy. Kids have the natural urge to want to spend ample time with both their parents. This what keeps them happy! Even teenagers find solace in the company of their parents. Keep in mind that you want to create a happy and fulfilled next generation of kids. Who will happily make the world a better place to live in!

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