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There was a time when knowing how to speak fluently in one language was considered enough. If you could speak two, then you were extraordinary. People who spoke even more than that were an extremely rare breed.

Sadly, what was considered enough back then is not the norm any more. Selecting a Cambridge English course for kids is something that virtually every parent does to make sure that their kids gain a good proficiency in the English language. Other than English, learning more foreign languages is gaining popularity as a trend, and many foreign language classes are beginning to spring up in most countries due to very high demand.

Being able to speak a lot of languages opens up a lot of paths for anybody who manages to do so. It makes it easy to find certain types of jobs, such as being a translator, teacher, interpreter, etc. Learning a lot of languages will also make it easy to communicate with as many people as possible. Travelling to foreign countries will not be a problem anymore. It also opens up future business opportunities in other countries if a person ever wishes to.

While learning languages is better done when young, adults too can try attending some language classes. If you are wondering what language classes to attend, below are a few foreign languages worth knowing:

• English (mandatory) – Unless you are a native speaker, learning English is a must. Even if you are an adult, consider searching for a phonics course HK or equivalent class if your English knowledge is poor.

• French – French is a language taught in many schools, and is one of the most known foreign languages worldwide. Classes are relatively easy to find compared to other languages. France attracts a lot of tourists, therefore having a sound knowledge of French is indispensable if you are considering a future tour.

• Spanish – Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, so learning it has obvious advantages. Spanish tends to be easy to learn for people proficient in other Latin derived languages and even for most native English speakers.

• Mandarin – The most spoken Chinese dialect. China is the most populous country in the world, and a knowledge of Mandarin is a good way to learn more about this country. Despite it being quite a difficult language to learn, kids may find it easier to learn due to the way it is spoken, the tone being not too dissimilar to a song.

Other good languages to learn that are not listed above are German, Italian, Japanese, Hindi and Russian. You might have to do some searching before finding language classes for some of them though.

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