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Today, maximum people go through serious health issues. It is unpredictable to say when such type of issues will happen. Suppose, you have taken the stairs and proudly and marching ahead. Suddenly, your shoe catches any tile and you lose balance then falls down. Just imagine you are preparing a salad for your dinner and just cut off your finger. These are something those are proven that, life is full with uncertainties and unprecedented accidents. When you have knowledge of basic first-aid tips, you don’t have to panic. You can simply follow these tips and get rescued someone’s life.

How to deal with common injuries?

  • Burns
    While you are experiencing burn, you shouldn’t apply any greasy ointments, fat even butter in that area because these materials will intensify the burn. While you have taken a first aid course Perth, you’ll get to know that, running cold water over the burn will heal a lot. If the burn is over a large area, you can give the person cool water to drink in order to replace the lost fluids. If possible, apply a little bit of honey to the burn and it is known as natural antiseptic. If the burn gets reduced, start applying Vitamin-C to heal the scars.
  • Insect bites
    Insect bites also an unpredictable matter and no one can say when they encounter any type of dangerous insect that will bite them instantly. After the insect bite, properly remove the sting by flicking out with a knife instead of using tweezers. Rub that area gently with ice cube on the sting in order to reduce swelling. If you are suffering from bee stings, clean that area with bicarbonate soda.
  • Fainting
    If a person gets fainted, don’t try to lift that person suddenly. Help them to sleep flat with their legs slightly raised as this will help a lot to the blood flow to the brain, if you have peppermint, make that to tea and give them to sip.
  • Cuts and scrapes
    If there is any cut, first you have to stop the blood flowing by applying pressure. If the bleeding is quite heavy, raise the limb higher than the heart, it will work surprisingly. Once the blood stopped to flow, clean the wound to avoid infection. Rinse with soap and water. You should apply gauze soaked with petroleum jelly. It will keep it the wound moist preventing scan from forming. After all these steps, warp gently that area with elastic band.
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